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We R Exquisite Pleasure

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Our coffee is for you to enjoy. We want you to take a few moments for yourself, slow down and reset.

We R Fair Trade

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We propose an alternative to the coffee industry status quo. A place where Farmers collect the lion share of the value. Your cup of coffee traditionally comes from a long supply chain. Many intermediaries and warehouses stops. Farmers capture only a tiny portion of the final value of the beans. This is the drive for massive production, depleting local resources and replacing forests by plantations.

We R Good for Human

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Your coffee is locally grown, roasted, packed and shipped at its freshest by coffee farmers, developing local economies. We farmers, receive over 30% of the price you pay. It is 10 times more than usual.

We R Good for Nature

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Your coffee comes from a short supply chain, one that reduces tons of CO2. Our partner Sandra, is nurturing for decades a 300Ha tropical forest in Copan, Honduras, compensating CO2 emissions.

We R Collaborative

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This is our nature, we work with farmers and with local makers to source our packs and boxes. Your first We R Farmers coffee is produced in Honduras, box made in Honduras and Pack made in Colombia.

We R Parity

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We believe that if you drink this coffee, we are all made of the same wood.

Prepare We R Coffee Beans

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There is no single best way to prepare coffee. It is actually a very personal thing, trust yourself. Beans allow for all preparations as long as you have either an automatic espresso machine, or a grinder.

Prepare We R Coffee Ground

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There is no single best way to prepare coffee. It is actually a very personal thing, trust yourself. Ground is perfect for slow preparation methods like filter, frenchpress, aeropress, V60, name it… Use a spoon for each cup, the size of the spoon is telling you how strong or light you like it.

We R farmers Coffee is Better

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Yes indeed! Your coffee is roasted and packed locally - at its freshest - shortly after the harvest. We use an innovative pack that keeps the coffee fresh and bright until you open it.

 We R Farmers Founders

We R Farmers is a coffee brand born to demonstrate that the lines can move, for the good of people and nature. We are on a journey to deliver you exquisite coffee: produced locally by farmers - breaking the paradigm of the traditional coffee supply chains. Connecting coffee farmers and consumers in a straightforward way. Welcome aboard!

The founders

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