Hi! I am Paula from Machado, Sul de Minas, Brazil. I live at Fazenda Recanto, 3 hours from Sao Paulo. Fazenda is what we call a farm in Brazil, by the way. Probably hard to believe, as a young lady, well I really enjoy working here, at the farm, as soon as I finished my International Business studies I was back at the farm.

The job I created for myself is so cool, opening up the farm to the wide world of consumers! Concretely I take care of the quality of our production and set up the roastery, I continuously train with the best to enhance my skills at roasting.

My dream is that Recanto coffee can be sipped in all corners of the World. As a 5th generation of the family at Recanto, I really don’t feel we are growing boring and dusty here, to the contrary. We R Farmers is a great illustration of our ambitions, I believe it could make the bridge directly between You and We.

I see it as the start of a journey where we polish together our ways to bring delight with profound understanding that the cups you drink are good for people and good for the environment.

You see Fazenda Recanto is 438 Ha, we grow coffee on 168 Ha and 166 Ha is a preserved area, virgin forest. You wouldn’t believe the amount of animals we can observe on the farm, no wonder, 95% of the property is interconnected with natural corridors.

I can go on and on about who we are but in fact, sipping our coffee is going to tell you all the stories in a very simple way, we hope you will enjoy the experience.

Paula Magalhães Paiva

My story is deeply embedded in the one of the Rosalila Estate in Copan, Honduras, where I was born. By the way, my name is Sandra, I inherited the Santa Rosita farm within the family Estate shared between my mum, me, and my four sisters. I oversee every activity from planting coffee seeds to sealing the We R Farmers box.

Collaborating with We R Farmers fills me with joy and pride, I feel being part of a bigger plan, one that can change the lines in the coffee industry, one that builds around people and in harmony with the environment.

To me We R Farmers is the first of a new generation of brands, bringing the opportunity for continuity for our coffee farms. The better pay has a trickling effect on the community of workers that a farm employs, the virtues are felt beyond the farm’s gates.

I invite you to feel part of this purpose and enjoy a cup of 100% Arabica produced with best practices every step of the way. This cup honors mother earth and every person that collaborates to its beautiful purpose.

Sandra Kafati

We R Farmers Way

Step #01

The farmers harvest the coffee cherries with great care.
The farmers harvest the coffee cherries with great care.


Step #02

The coffee cherries are dried and milled.
The coffee cherries are dried and milled.


Step #03

The coffee is gently roasted in small batchesand packed shortly after.
The coffee is gently roasted in small batches and packed shortly after.

Roasting & Packaging

Step #04

The roasted coffee packs are boxed,sealed and shipped.
The roasted coffee packs are boxed, sealed and shipped.


Step #05

The coffee arrives to the We R great warehouseand sent directly to We R coffee lovers.
The coffee arrives to the warehouse and sent directly to We R coffee lovers.

Warehousing & Distribution